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By Bruno Jolys on 24/08/17 – 5:16 p.m. In: Proceedings Congress Account> Maths workshop> Calculation, operations August 23, 2017 – Mylene St. Mary CNV developed by M. Rosenberg, American psychiatrist still human in the thoughts, the judgments, interpretations, … this creates a barrier to communication. In these judgments, thoughts interpretations resulting action. Observation – Feeling – Need – Request NVC encourages us to go to observe the emotions and the needs to which they correspond. This then allows to reach an «application», formulated according to our needs. Conversely, the «requirement» does not want others to do the action brought before them. Exercise: Imagine a situation where we were disappointed, sad … because of the other. What I think of the other? (Judgment) What I feel because my needs …. is not satisfied. To get out of a conflict situation, difficult … We go to observation. Description of facts without judgment. Ex: «You took four times the floor without lifting the pen.» Then we describe emotions, needs: «I feel upset because I need equity. «Need a varied vocabulary to express emotions. To find the need, the body never lies (reaction of the body) . «Me my world that’s it, and you? «To see the world on the other, which interprets a situation from different prism (its history, …). First thing NVC: slow down, take time, not to enter the conflict. Question: what if the caller is not in this mode of communication? Attention to our encvie «requirement». Brakes Communication: 1. Judgment 2. Requirements 3. Disclaimer What if a child refuses to take responsibility? It brings him empathy, «This is hard for you …». Exercise: «The rose thank you» Think of a situation where one would like to say «thank you» try saying that it feeds here. It is never too late to go about a situation, and thank. We can accept to be passed directly to a judgment in an action, conflict situation, then return to this situation by speaking with the interlocutors. Possibility evening to make a «celebration of book.» Mr. Rosenberg: «In life, we must choose, so you want to be happy, so you want to be right. «The intent of the NVC is not to manipulate: the intention is not the result. We must accept that the other says no. Then we can sometimes be demand in conscience with the consequences that this has. References Rosenberg: «Words are windows or walls.» On YouTube, many lectures him: «educate without punishment or reward.» Isabella Padovani Byron Katie Veronique Gaspard Training: Three core modules, two days. Then practice groups where we train. Print Add comment
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By Bruno Jolys on 08/24/17 – 8:44 p.m. In: Proceedings Congress Account> Maths workshop> Calculation, Chabotte operations Tripouille / Pepito / 3 Schlemil impediments scripted: The house for sale: Real estate agents want changes made in the house > We must bring order to sell. The owner was asked by the public to disobey and gives the bazaar, finding poetic arguments for each object > Take it or leave Questioning: Is it little or much of anything to learn? If one has many things in his house, the others will not they jealous? Can we move from real estate agents? Do novelty frightens everyone? Having too many choices can it be an obstacle? The dance classes Learning can take time …. Up to 3 years or more !! Questions: Can the pleasure be the only engine? Should first take pleasure in order to then become an expert? Is professional performance be compatible with the notion of pleasure? The jungle Two explorers must show the difficulties of crossing (branches, moisture, various hostile animals …). They have two diametrically opposite procedures to cross the jungle: Compete to the point / experience and feel even if not reach the given goal. Questions: How to reach the goal that all? How to avoid going straight ahead without looking around? What is important? The path or purpose? How to Filter the interactions encountered on the way? Debate: Sketches: what resonance they had for each of the audience members? The house: Who is seen in the role of real estate agents? (The troublemakers) The hierarchical institution Students Colleagues The Self Parents In Freinet class: Many choices > Some students may be in trouble when they have to choose … Should we throw the student in all that ‘there is ? or using does one tracing his path? The scenes offered on prevention have emerged following a debate in the 75 on the basis of two elements: fear the judgment of others on classroom practice Testimony teachers Impediments felt in the group: Refusal to take account of the word of the child: Sometimes it is frowned upon that students have the freedom to express themselves on the rules set by adults > Proposal pool in both directions ( «Freinet» / «non-Freinet «) colleagues to see and take strength (or can make) things of Freinet. In Belgium many schools Freinet Pedagogy – You feel less isolated since schools «Freinet» are more numerous. In Flanders 100 Freinet schools. However these schools face through: not enough teachers are motivated to make Freinet, and careful not too separate tools and Freinet movement judgment of others problem and also consensus on the organization decided in consultation but that bends to the majority. For children, formatting problem due to the school system. If it does not evaluate it mean that students have wanted to do nothing? > GD are very important to create links between teachers. Self ESPE: Is the training of new teachers do a hindrance? It’s the same for its own formatting when we were in school. Children also are formatted: waiting for the starting signal to enter the work, do not know how to choose (do not dare?) Letting go: take time to listen to rebound. You have to have confidence to be able to do the class space: Effective> 30 kindergarten children for example can be a hindrance to the implementation of this pedagogy. The look of parents This can lead to compromise on the material: eg Make pictures, a blog to highlight not «school» moments to show parents what is done in the classroom. > Bringing parents into our classes as often as possible: make visible > Talk us to keep from being vulnerable Resources: Website with 30 scenes of situational on impediments to learn / solution / say emotions can show these scenes for children and organize discussions around the proposed themes (eg I need to move), educational tracks offered. DVDs also available. Make feedback on the site – Do not hesitate to return on the use of this tool with clowns … Print Add comment
In: The Educator CEL For teachers review teaching techniques> class organization> part of the teacher in October 1963 React. React … Freinet held that even I assure this year ru brick «from the master.» He thinks he must move his comrades by disconcerting about them a bit so that they react homework help
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